The only confectioner in the world where you can buy “Totoro-shaped cream puffs”

“Shiro-Hige’s Cream Puff Factory” is the only confectioner in the world which can make “a Totoro cream puff.”
“Totoro” is one of the most popular characters from Studio Ghibli movies.
The patissier baking the Totoro cream puffs is a relative of Hayao Miyazaki, the famous animated filmmaker.

The chocolate cream flavor is suitable around Valentine’s Day. This Totoro has a letter with a heart on his chest.


 They are suitable around Christmas

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It is technically difficult to make the Totoro-shaped cream puffs.
There are many processes and it takes so much effort to make them. Mass production isn’t possible. They are baked carefully one by one, and each Totoro has a slightly different expression.


Custard & fresh cream (all seasons)
Chocolate cream (all seasons)

Strawberry cream (from January to May)

Powdered green tea cream (from April to September)

Peach cream (from June to September)

Marron & marron cream (from October to December)

Caramel banana cream (irregular)

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The Totoro cookies are sold, too
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The shop also has a cafe, so you can relax.”This shop has a cafe where you can sit down and eat your meal, but they also offer take-out.”

 “Toro coffee & bakery”

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Notes.  How adorable! I especially like the little hats and leaves on their heads. I do enjoy the Studio Ghibli movie.

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