Snacks of Doraemon Bisco and Pocky who came all the way from the future country

  Good news! for Doraemon fun.
Glico produced snack which collaborated with 3DCG movie “Stand by me Doraemon.”

Original products of blue-color design which symbolizes Doraemon are released: “STAND BY ME Doraemon Glico,” “STAND BY ME Bisco can,” and “Pocky happy assort” which contains pocky with the taste of Dorayaki, his favorite sweets.

STAND BY ME Bisco can” produced by Glico 

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“STAND BY ME Doraemon Ezaki Glico”

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“Pocky happy assort Doraemon”


In addition, these are future snacks: Doraemon is printed on the package of collaboration products such as Bisco and Pocky.
You color the Doraemon design,
and if you hold a smartphone over your work, it stands out in AR; Doraemon pops up and floats above your desk.



Doraemon fans cannot help trying this. When you peep out through the application, I bet you say “Wow.”



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