Many popular souvenir sweets of animated film (Studio Ghibli)

You know what? The “MAMMA AIUTO” shop at the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka has many souvenirs of animated film characters. Let’s take a look at some adorable souvenir sweets.

“Ghibli Museum coat of arms cookie”



You can enjoy 5 kinds of flavors: almond, chocolate, maple, black sesame, tea.
The big cookies in the middle have pictures of the museum’s coat of arms on them, and they have a lovely fragrance.
The package is printed with a fashionable coat of arms, and you can use it as a storage box after eating.

“Bottle candy”

110218_2318     Reference
How cute this nostalgic bottle design is!
Recently, it is difficult to find such a bottle. Moreover, the candies have pictures of characters from “Porco Rosso”, “Kiki’s Delivery Service” , “Next Totoro” and so on. After you finish eating the snacks inside the glass bottle, you can use it as decoration or for storage.”

“Three sticks candy sets”
There are cat and acorn patterns.

manmabouame     Reference

Notes.  The Studio Ghibli Museum sounds like a lot of fun. I hope to visit there myself someday!

yu4    Wrapped up by Yushi

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