Kawaii snacks, Doraemon money box of fruit jellies and wafers filled with chocolate

“Doraemon” has been a typical Japanese cartoon since my parents’ generation.
Let’s take a look at the snacks on which Kawaii Doraemon and his friends are featured.
“Doraemon money box fruit jellies”

drazery02  Reference  item.rakuten.co.jp/ajiyosikoubou

They are made of fresh fruit juice such as mango, grape, and white peach.
They are also made with less sugar, and there are approximately 10 jellies in the box.
After emptying the Doraemon, you can use it as a saving box.

drazery01Reference  item.rakuten.co.jp/ajiyosikoubou
How cute (Kawaii) it is!
Let’s try how much money you can save in this pretty Doraemon saving box!

drazery03  Reference  item.rakuten.co.jp/ajiyosikoubou

“Doraemon chocolate monaka, or wafers filled with chocolate”

616000710       Reference  suruga-ya.jp

They are cute Doraemon shaped monakas. There are three types of facial expressions.
You can enjoy various expressions of Doraemon.
Calcium is added to make it more nutritious, and butter is also added to enrich the flavor.
They are not only delicious but are also healthy.
The monaka is made by the technique called “air in chocolate (puffed chocolate),” which blows the air into milk chocolate.


Notes.  Let’s save money with this Doraemon money box. I want a lot of toys.

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