Kawaii characters appear on “Pretz”, “Giant Pocky” Strawberry taste comes with original class schedule stickers of “Yo-kai Watch.”

“Jibanyan and Koma-san Appear on Pocky and Ice Cream”, from My-navi News
Glico has launched a collaboration between its Pocky and Pretz snacks and “Yo-Kai Watch.”


Reference  news.mynavi.jp/news/2014/12/10/256/

“Pretz Chocolate Taste”

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 This white Pocky is made with milk-flavored chocolate. It features pictures of Jibanyan and Fuyunyan, who love milk. Jibanyan and Fuyunyan are printed on the package. The Pretz has a rich taste which adds the flavor of condensed milk to the sweetness of chocolate.

“Who is Jibanyan?”

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He is the hero’s sidekick in “Yo-Kai Watch” and a cat specter. One day he was killed by a car, and he became an earthbound spirit. His favorite food is fish, and he loves chocolate snacks named “Choco-bo.”

“Who is Fuyunyan?”

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He is a cat specter, the same as Jibanyan.

 “Pretz Milk Taste”

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Koma-san and Koma-jirou are featured on the package. When you eat them, the slight sweetness of milk spreads in your mouth.

“Giant Pocky Strawberry Taste”

002Reference  news.mynavi.jp/news/2014/12/10/256/
Its image is Jibanyan and Fuyunyan. The bittersweet giant size Pocky combines pieces of strawberry with cream.

It comes with original class schedule stickers with characters from “Yo-kai Watch.”

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Original class schedule stickers  of “Yo-kai Watch”

It isn’t really a school class schedule; it is a bunch of stickers with cute ghosts on them.

DSC01072   Reference   chocolabo.com/2014/12/11

Children love these stickers and enjoy playing with them.

DSC01076    Reference   chocolabo.com/2014/12/11

Notes.   Let’s study ghosts by this class schedule of “Yo-kai Watch”

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