“Anpan-Man” is Kawaii pacifism caractor, His face is made from bread which contains bean jam.

Take a look at this plump and happy face and smile!His name is “Anpan-Man”. He is a hero of justice. His face is made from bread which contains bean jam. (Japanese called this bread”Anpan”.)

Here is a bread of Anpan-Man


He is such a kind character that he gives part of his face to hungry people. He loses his face when he gives all his face to people. But he revives immediately after he had his bread face baked and installed again by a baker.

Let me introduce other characters of Anpan-Man. You can enjoy eating snacks in the shape of Anpan-Man and friends.

These are cute (Kawaii) Anpan-Man and his friends shaped  chocolates. You can enjoy various characters of Anpan-Man’s world.

mimichoco1Reference   fujiya-peko.co.jp/anpanman


Reference   fujiya-peko.co.jp/anpanman

After finishing eating, you can use the sticks as stamps or cutters of the clay.


Someone said, “Yushi resembles Anpan-Man”. It’s because I have a plump face. How rude! I am not a naïve baby loving acts of kindness.


 Wrapped by Yushi

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