Assorted sweets pack of Kawaii mouse named “Pokemon “

“Best-selling sweets which have strength in the brand character rather than the taste.” “Are there many eager Pokemon collectors ?”

There is another hard working  Kawaii character like Kitty in Japan. It is “Pokemon” who appears in Japanese comic books(animation). Pokemon(Pikachu and his friends) are popular among both men and women.

It is an assorted sweets pack in a Santa boot. Not only Pokemon sweets but also other popular chocolate snacks like Koala’s March are assorted. There is an assorted sweets pack in a Pikachu plush bag with a seal holder.



There is an assorted sweets pack in a bag with a Pikachu seal holder. This product is luxurious and a good deal. There is something to worry.



If more than two children divide one set, they will scramble for sweets in it.




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